B&S v3.4

This is the new version of the indicator for the "B&S" strategy.

VERSION: B&S v3.4 We will explain how using our trading strategy developed by one of our programs and traders at DCA works.


The "B&S" strategy uses RMA which is the same moving average used by the RSI, as they cross they give us an entry signal, be it a buy or sell, as the entry signal the script will color as bars according to the signal. When an ORANGE candle appears, it indicates a large buy volume and when a PURPLE candle appears it indicates a lot of sales volume. T⇡ or T⇣ indicates a long-term trend reversal.


Our dashboard indicates the volatility of the traded asset, the short-term trend and the trade signal.


If the trader is trading any asset in UP trend it is good to avoid SELL signals, but not mandatory, because if this SELL signal is accompanied by a STRONG SELL with purple candles then it indicates that the market makers (MARKET MAKERS) are "pushing" the price a little higher for the net positions of Retail Traders or other MM. This applies to downtrend. Configure according to your trading strategy. Financial markets are uncertain and information with the country's policy, so it is always good before any entry to analyze the market to understand what is happening with the traded asset.

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