What is TradingView?

ā€‹TradingView is a free charting platform and social network where traders/investors can look at financial charts and use a wide range of tools to identify opportunities across all equity, Forex, Crypto, Futures, and Commodities markets. TradingView users can connect to most brokers to trade directly on the platform and take advantage of opportunities as they are presented in real-time from their charts.

This is the large platform where we host our DCA indicator set. You can create a free account on TradingView and then sign up on our website to receive access to use our products from your indicator folder.

How to create a TradingView account

To create a TradingView account, you need to go to the TradingView homepage. Click on "Sign in" or "Start Now" in the top right corner of the homepage, then click on "Sign up" or "Register" at the bottom of the current window. You can sign up using your social media profiles or an email address.

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